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Huron High School Bulletin for Thursday, April 22, 2021

Participate in Huron Green Team Green Week

The week of April 19th is a Huron Green Team Green Week! Consider picking one or more days of the week to make environmentally conscious decisions, like taking shorter showers, picking up trash by yourself or socially distanced with other people outdoors, biking or walking, using reusable masks, consuming less animal products, buying from local businesses, or anything else you can think of! To be featured on the Green Team's Instagram and/or be entered into a raffle for a gift card, send in pictures of you participating to Green Team's Instagram (@hurongreenteam) or email us (a2hurongreenteam@gmail.com).

Join the Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation team!

Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation is hiring! Working in the Ann Arbor parks is a fun and unique experience if you love interacting with people and enjoy the outdoors. Gain great experience and make new friends. View jobs at a2gov.org/parksjobs then apply online!

Check out the Huron Track and Field Webpage

Huron Track and Field has a webpage! On our page you will find a link to all schedules, coaches contact information, the QR code for the prescreening tool, and other key announcements. This site will be updated with the latest information for the team as frequently as necessary. Please refer to the site for any and all questions you may have. Contact any coaches if there is any confusion. The link is found here: https://hurontf.weebly.com/

River Rat Writing Prize and Mischief Art Prize

We are proud to announce this year's winners! All writing entries are blindly judged and go through several rounds of reading and judging by volunteer teacher readers. The art pieces were blindly judged by a student and teacher panel. Please visit our website to see both the writing and the art pieces: http://riverratwritingprize.weebly.com/2021-winners.html

2021 River Rat Writing Prize Winners
First Place ($100)
Ari Yaffe-Inoue (11th grade), "Christmas at the Andersons"

Runners-up ($50 each)
Yeseo Bok (9th grade), "Hey Eddy"
Ava Kunnath (10th grade), "Real Things // Shooting Stars"

Honorable Mentions ($20 each)
Catherine X Li (10th grade), “A Collection of Poems (3)”
Aubrey Velez (9th grade), “My Apologies to Sunday”, “Identity Poem”, “Twins”
Maya Liu (11th grade), “Pretty”,”The World”, “Books not looks”

9th grade Rising Writer Winner ($20)
Kriya Jaiganesh (9th grade), “Imagine”

2021 Mischief Arts Prize Winners
First Place ($100)
Juna Saito (12th grade), “Unprompted Acts”

Honorable Mentions ($20)
Bridgit Jung (12th grade), "The Perfect Face"
Ashley Meath (9th grade), "Illuminated Storefront"

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